Like many of you, I am a “car nut”, in particular, a “Porsche nut”. A Porsche enthusiast for over 20 years, I have been fortunate to have owned a variety of Porsches, 19 air cooled and 4 water cooled cars (gallery). As you can see by the title of this website and the history of my personal cars, the air cooled Porsches are my favorites. There is something very special about these early Porsches that I find hard to deny, as I am sure, is true with many of you. Their classic styling and design, responsive performance and handling, marvelous German engineering and the wonderful sounds from that horizontally opposed engine are just a few of their very unique qualites. Not to mention their illustrious racing history. Even that “ching” sound when closing the door of an air cooled Porsche 911 is music to the ear of an enthusiast.

ACE Autosports’ main objective is to assist you in either locating the Porsche of your choice or locating a qualified purchaser for your current Porsche. Utilizing the experience of purchasing and selling many Porsches either for my personal use or assisting my “car buddies”, as well as my enthusiasm for this special marque, plus the established relationships I have gained with many Porsche specialists will benefit buyers and sellers of these fine automobiles.

As an avid enthusiast I look forward to continuing my journey and the opportunity of expanding my knowledge of the Porsche marque along with the priveledge of meeting a lot of very fine people. Join me in the exciting times ahead with your Porsche.

Thank you for viewing this website, I hope you enjoy it and if I can be of any assistance please contact me.

WARNING: Once you have owned a Porsche you will either always own one or have a burning desire to own another one. At least, that is my pesonal experience and I believe it to be especially true with an air cooled Porsche.

Happy Porsche Motoring !

Johnny Johnson

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