About ACE Autosports

ACE Autosports will assist you in the process of locating that special Porsche and/or the successful sale of your current Porsche. My experience and enthusiasm for these special automobiles will be beneficial in producing your desired results.

A search for a special car can be challenging, but have you heard that old saying, “most of the fun is in the chase”,  well this is very true for me. I really enjoy the “chase” for an exceptionally fine Porsche. I meet and develop new relationships with interesting people and I continue to learn more with every experience.

I also enjoy “tweaking” a nice car to make it even better. I find that the smallest details can make a big difference. A thorough detailing of the automobile, checking all of the mechanicals so that everything works as the factory intended, making sure all of the equipment is appropriate to the model/year/period/etc., collecting all pertinent documentation of the car, are a few of the things that can ultimately create the best possible representation of each car. ACE Autosports will offer to “tweak” customers Porsches enabling the best return possible on their sale or the optimum condition and value of their new purchase. A pre-purchase-inspection (PPI) is always a good decision when purchasing a Porsche. A Porsche dealership or Porsche specialty shop can be good resources for a PPI as is a referal from a fellow Porsche club member. A PPI is a small investment up front which can become an excellent value in your decision making process.

Those who know me say that I can be kind of particular, or is that “peculiar” about my cars. You know, that fellow who always parks at the far end of the parking lot hoping not to get a nick or a door ding or the one who refuses to drive his special car in the rain. Well, that’s me. Oh, but don’t get me wrong, I do love to drive my Porsches, but only on sunny days, that is unless I am driving to a Porsche event.

I enjoy being a member and participating in several Porsche groups,  including but not limited to the following:  The Porsche Club of America, The 356 Registry, The Early 911S Registry, The 912 Registry, R Gruppe member #573 and Rennlist.

When it comes to the mechanical needs I depend on the expertise of professionals to assist me. I am told, however, that I have an “eye” for selecting fine examples of these wonderful automobiles and I will apply that gift to the search or “tweaking” of your Porsche. I have been very fortunate and successful participating in various Porsche Club events with my personal Porsches (see Awards & Recognitions) and I am grateful to those other Porsche enthusiasts who have shown their appreciation for my cars.

I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in the procurement of that special Porsche or helping you find a qualified purchaser for the Porsche you currently own. Let me know how I can be of assistance to you.

Happy Porsche Motoring !

Johnny Johnson

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