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Porsche coupe rear quarter window frames with Sekurit tinted glass.

$200 for the pair.  Buyer arranges and pays shipping costs.

Items listed below are without photos include but not limited to the following:


*Genesis Technologies/GA3420/Billet aluminum  battery box 8.90”x7.25”x6.35” (for PC925 battery)    $100.00

*BATT-BOX/Red Battery Terminal Box + (2)                                                                                     $18.00

*Genesis Technologies/GA3605/175 Amp Battery Disconnect (1)                                              $15.00

*Longacre/LA4578/Battery Disconnect Switch (for use w/alternator)                                       $20.00

*Longacre/LA4566/Battery Cable end                                                                                                $4.00

*Longacre/LA4570/Thru-Panel Battery connector (2)                                                                     $12.00

*Longacre/LA4572/Battery Jumper Post (+Red)                                                                               $8.00

*Longacre/LA4574/Battery Jumper Post (-Black)                                                                              $8.00

  *Rennline/I02S/E-Brake Block off Cover/Brushed                                                                           $20.00

                           *New still in original packaging

Buyer arranges and pays shipping costs for all items. PayPal Accepted.

*Prefer Pick-up for Larger Parts*


 For more information or photos, please contact Johnny.

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